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2010-10-20 20:34:06 by magaly

I am looking to work on a couple of small Flash games or one large game as a game artist. I am available up to 25 hours a week. Contact me via e-mail if interested. Here is a link to my portfolio:



2009-01-15 22:33:31 by magaly

UPDATE FEB 07 2009: Thanks to everyone who sent me e-mails and expressed interest in this project. I have hired someone and will be working with them for the next coming months. Later I will be coming back to hire more coders and artists/colorists so if you'd like to send me an e-mail with your rates and Flash samples I'd love to see them. Thanks again to applicants and those of you who sent me messages with leads/tips!



NOTE THAT THIS IS A PAID JOB! I am in no way asking for free work. Please read everything here before asking any questions. Thank you!

Hey, I am a illustrator looking to collab with an experienced Flash Game Developer on a multiplayer puzzle game. I would like this game to involve blocks or shapes. Something very basic which has replay value. The details of the final game will be discussed via e-mail to qualified applicants. This is a fun project where your input will be taken into account as we try and put together an awesome game for an upcoming interactive website I am working on. I would like to maintain a great relationship with whoever is chosen so we can work on a set of games together now and after the site is up and running ( If you are willing to enter into a long working relationship, please mention this in you email.

Knowledge of server side scripting is not mandatory, but it is a plus. Right now my main interest is creating a functioning game. As far as scripting goes, that will most likely be taken care of by someone else because it is difficult to find someone who actually knows how to handle that and is also available for developing a full game. Something can always be worked out.

All the creative work for this game is done. The details have been sorted out and the development of the graphics are set. I need someone to create the basic engine and supply a Flash file with dummy graphics (basic shapes - squares, circles, lines) which can be replaced by me. We'd then go back and forth exchanging the file until we're done. You do not need to have ANY sort of graphic/drawing skill to apply. The rough at the end of this message refers to the general style of the game for those who were curious. I am a professional and a perfectionist, so be confident that you will be working with someone as dedicated and hopefully as passionate about their jobs as you.

I will be issuing payment via Paypal in milestones in American dollars. I can also go through Escrow on but for secutiry reasons there is no option for upfront payment. I will be issuing the hired party all my contact information to keep a transparent relationship from the start and hopefully spark some confidence between us. Our budget is open to negotiation, there is no set number in mind. No hourly fees. I will be providing all the necessary paperwork and a secure space where we can easily exchange files and thoughts or ideas.

Another payment option is a service exchange. This is where you do the coding and I do graphic work for a project you have in mind for yourself. It can be Flash related or anything relating to design/Illustration. My specialty is character design and vector work. My portfolio can be seen here: Illustration Portfolio If you want to do this, we'd have to compare fees and come to an agreement before any work is started. I draw directly in Flash and work fulltime as a game artist, so I can be of assistance on most Flash projects or any design/art-related projects you might need an artist or designer for. A schedule would have to be set for this because I work as an illustrator full time and would be working on your project mainly nights and alternate weekends.

There is no set due date for this project and I will be accepting inquiries until I come across the right person. Once I do find the right person, we'll talk and set a final completion date for this project based on their availability. You will be setting your own date, so I expect the individual to abide by that date and turn everything in on time.

Please include the following in your e-mails or messages:
Your e-mail (if it's not the one you're messaging me from)
Your full name
Your age (must be over 18)
Your residence & available hours
SAMPLES! I'd like to see at least 3 game samples. They do not need to be multiplayer, but that is a plus.

You can contact me via PM here or
AIM: Oooh galygaly (Please notify me via PM before using this option so I don't block you)

Please e-mail me if you'd like to contact me via phone.
I will be updating this as I get questions or whenever I realize I am missing information. Thanks a lot, I hope to hear from some of you talented dewds of NG soon. :}